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Do you need a reliable bathroom plumbing company that can take care of installation, repair or a bathroom remodeling project in you area ? We can help. Call us today at 086-100-5159.

Bathrooms are one of the most practical rooms in our homes. We use them every day – at least once, we hope … – and that makes them subject to a lot of wear and tear.

For this reason, you would do yourself a great favor by paying attention during your construction project to the plumbing you use and which bathroom contractor you entrust your project to. 

This will determine if your bathroom will last 2, 5, 10 years without major problems or if you will be stuck with repairs in the first few months of installation.

Whether you want to renovate a tired family bathroom or install a luxury walk-in shower, finding the right bathroom fitter to do the job is essential. And for that, you’ve made the right choice by turning to Meliodas plumbers.

Bathroom Plumbing Services Near Me



General Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Repair 

We guess a dingy, damp bathroom with leaky faucets and cracked tiles doesn’t appeal to you, does it? 

Neither do we. And it’s because we don’t like it that we strive to provide you with bathroom plumbing installation and repair services that will make you feel comfortable in the private space that is your shower. 

Below are some of the bathroom construction services you can contact us for and get quick, professional solutions at a fair price.

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New Construction Bathroom

Our rough-in, new construction bathroom plumbing services include :

  • Rough-in bathroom installation
  • Bathroom design
  • Standard shower installation
  • Shower enclosure and shower tray
  • Toilet installation
  • Tub, Bath or bathtub and panels fitting
  • Bathroom tiling and plastering
  • Sink and wash basin installation
  • Mixer shower 
  • Walk-in shower
  • and Bathroom cabinet installation

You can also call us if you need any of these bathroom sink services:

  • Rough in installation 
  • Sink drain plumbing
  • Bathroom sink faucet repair and replacement

How much does it cost to install a bathroom sink ?

For this question please call us to get a free quote. Prices may vary depending on factors like : is it a rough-in installation ? A replacement ? A displacement or relocation and the amount of hours required for the operation.

When it comes to showers, our builders have experience and can help you with :

  • Rough in shower installation 
  • Shower replacement and moving
  • Shower tray and shower enclosure installation
  • Walk in shower installation


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Bathtubs may be either freestanding or built into a three-wall alcove . At our Fourways plumber company, we do both and more including :

  • Standard bathtub installation
  • Freestanding tub installation 
  • Bathtub replacement
  • Tub conversion to shower
  • Bathtub drain plumbing 
  • Tub faucet repair and replacement

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Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to refresh your space and increase the value of your home at the same time.

For now, let’s assume you have already planned out your makeover project, you have your budget set and you know exactly what you’re getting into. 

Now you need an experienced and competent plumber team to handle the work. Well, you have come to the right place.

We will make your renovation experience effortless. Our in-home consultations, quick demonstrations, quality product selections and professional refinishing will take you from the design stage to completion in no time and without stress.

Adding a bathroom to your home’s basement not only makes your life easier, but it also increases the value of your property.

Building a bath room in your basement is not a project to be rushed and there are many plumbing issues that can complicate the job.

Because of the complexity of this service, you will be doing yourself a good service by hiring our certified Fourways bathroom plumbers for top notch work.

Relocating a bathroom can be a tricky task.

When well done, your newly renovated bathroom will increase the value of your house. If not, well… you will have a new whole batch of plumbing problems to deal with…and we are pretty sure that’s not what you want.

If you want your bathroom relocation job done right by professional contractors, quickly and at a fair price, call Meliodas Plumbers. You’ll enjoy the experience, just like our previous customers. 



Handicap Bathroom Plumbers 

The handicap bathroom is a bathroom retrofitted to accommodate people with disabilities.

If you are looking for a qualified bathroom contractor to install a handicap bathroom, call Meliodas Plumbers today. We can help put your loved one at ease.

The installation of grab bars in areas where falls are likely, the removal of the shower curb to allow free entry are some of the services to secure and facilitate the use of a bathroom for people with disabilities that we can provide. 

How much does it cost for plumbing a new bathroom ?

The cost of your new bathroom installation will depend on the quality of the fixtures and accessories you choose. You should also take into account the cost of plumbing service, tiling or plastering and lighting when budgeting. 

We can give you a free estimate based on your expectations.

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