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For an emergency blocked drain cleaning service, call us now at 086-100-5159. Response within the hour. Fourways drains unclogging specialist with 7+ years of experience.

Most drain clogs result when dirt, mud, fat, skin flakes and especially hair binds to soap scum on the walls of drain pipes.

Over time, this dirt builds up and reduces the flow of water until it completely blocks your pipe.

The place then gets wet, slimy and probably smells bad… and that’s not funny right ?

We know how inconvenient this can be. That’s why our drain unblockers are here to help. And we are just a phone call away.

Drain Unblocking Services Near Me


Commercial Drains Cleaning

We offer drain jetting and blockage removal services for commercial facilities and businesses in the Fourways area. Contact us for a free estimate to schedule an on-site visit.

Give us a call at 086-100-5159 for all your drain cleaning needs.

Clogged Toilet

If you are faced with a clogged toilet situation, call us for a quick response.

Blocked toilets are a messy business.

They mainly occur when people try to flush things that don’t dissolve or break down in water like cotton swabs, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and pre-moistened wipes for diapers. 

If despite your best efforts you are still unable to unblock your toilet with a plunger, then you can call us for a hand.

Clogged bathroom, shower and bathtub drains can be very annoying. This situation often results in the build-up of hair, soap and dirt down your plug. 

You can normally avoid that by regularly cleaning your shower or bathtub drain stoppers and using a hair strainer drain-cover to trap hair before it is flushed down the drain.

But if you’re here, you’re probably already in trouble and looking for a solution. Call our drain cleaning company now. 

We can also help with blocked bathroom sink pipes and clogged wash basins.

All of your home or business’s drains, pipes and plumbing fixtures are connected to the largest (and most important) piece of plumbing in your property: the main sewer line.

The overuse of these fixtures, pipes and drains plus some external factors often causes the main sewer line to become strained. 

After a while, your sewer lines become clogged in the worst cases, collapse to the point of needing serious repair or even replacement. Talk about a headache you don’t need!

Are you suspecting a blocked sewer line clog in your house or commercial property ? Call us immediately.

A home’s gutter pipe system, also called storm drain system collects rainwater from the roof line and controls its path down the house to the ground. 

When clogged, you can quickly find yourself with rainwater overflowing into your house, which could turn into flooding in case of a storm.

If your home is in need of storm drain unblocking, we can connect with our professional pipe drainage plumbers. Call for more information about our gutter cleaning services.

The typical culprits for clogged outdoor drains are leaves, branches, trash, mud, moss, soil and other outdoor debris. However, things you drop down your indoor drains can be just as troublesome (if not more so).

If you’re having outdoor drain blockage in your area and need a pipe drainage specialist, call our Fourways drain openers.

Is your washing machine hose drain clogged or draining too slowly? This can be caused by soap scum, dryer lint, grease or oils that your machine has collected on your clothes. 

But don’t worry, we can help you unblock it.

We have experienced drain uncloggers who are highly skilled in cleaning washing machine drains and laundry drain clogs.

Clogged Kitchen Sink


Your kitchen sink drains become clogged when fat, grease or cooking oil accumulates on your drain pipe walls. 

Add detergent soap scum and undissolved food residues (such as fish scales or rice that expands in water), and you have a nice, sticky and stubborn clog hehe…

If hot water and plunger interventions don’t work, call us immediately before things get worse.

Get in touch for all your residential and commercial kitchen drain cleaning needs.

Why You Should NEVER Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner to Unblock Your Drain

Do Plumbers Use Chemicals to Unclog Drains? 

No. NEVER. A plumber that cares about your plumbing system’s “good health” will never use harsh and toxic chemicals to unblock your blocked waste pipes.

Not only are these chemicals harmful to your health if accidentally splashed on your skin, ingested, or even inhaled in large quantities, but they can also damage your plumbing fixtures and drain pipes. That’s definitely not something you want to see in our water systems. 

They can also cause a lot of problems in your septic systems by killing the good bacteria in your tank. It’s not worth it.

Our Safe Drain Unclog Methods

CCTV Video Camera Pipe Inspection

We perform CCTV pipe inspection when it is not possible to physically enter the plumbing area and evaluate the condition of your pipes. 

Closed Circuit Television Video (CTTV) drain pipe inspection is a process we use to see inside of drains, sewer lines or pipelines with a camera. 

These CCTV cameras allow our pipe uncloggers to see the root causes of your drain problems without having to resort to more invasive methods such as digging or removing walls or floors to access the plumbing.


A hydro jetting machine is a high pressure drain cleaning machine we use to break down hard and persistent clogs. 

It uses a blast of water at very high pressure – up to 20.000psi, imagine a Gatling gun firing water bullets instead of iron bullets but with nearly the same force – to remove hard and stubborn blockages when drain snaking is inappropriate or inefficient.

Drain snaking

Drain snaking is a pipe cleaning technique that our drain blockage removers use for hard clogs which are difficult to unclog with plunger.

A drain snake also known as a plumber’s snake or toilet jack is the tool we use for the job. It is a thin flexible metal auger that we use for hard but shreddable obstacles, such as tree roots or minerals located in your drain pipe.

Call Our Leading Drain Cleaning Company in Fourways

There is a professional drain cleaning company near me in town to call when you need a drain installation, repair, replacement to unclog a drain in Fourways.

Call Meliodas plumbers to have a certified local plumber at your door within the hour. 

Our friendly staff, licensed and experienced plumbers are ready to arrive at your place, no matter what time of day it is. Get your free quote and schedule an appointment that suits your needs today. We look forward to taking your call.

How much Does a Drain Cleaning Service Cost ? 

Our average cost of a standard drain cleaning service is R600-R1500 and R1200-R2000 for advanced services like drain jetting. This amount covers both the call out fee, cost of finding the clog and cleaning the drain.

If you need your drain cleaned now, contact us to request this service.