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Geyser Installation Services Near Me



Solar Geyser installation 

Need a new solar geyser installation in your house or commercial property ? We can help ! 

Understanding How Solar Geysers Works

A solar geyser is made up of two main components which are the water tank and the solar collector.

Solar water heaters work by a physical phenomenon called convection. 

For example, when you put cold water to heat on the fire, how does it heat ?

Well, when you put water on a fire, the quantity of water at the bottom of the pan heats up first because of its direct contact with the heat produced by the fire.

This heated water becomes less dense, i.e. lighter than the water at the top of your pot. 

At this moment, the phenomenon of convection takes place, which means that the hot water at the bottom of the pan will start to rise to the top of your pan.

At the same time, the cold water that was at the top of the pan will start to go down to the bottom of the pan because it is heavier. When it heats up, it rises again and colder water sinks down again.

And it is through this cycle that your water heats up. 

solar geyser installation near me

When we bring back this principle to the solar geysers, your pan here is represented by the water tank and the one who is in charge of heating the water is the solar collector.

The cold water is first pumped and stored in your tank. From the tank, it is redirected to the solar collector located below where it is heated by solar energy.

This heated water flows back up from the collector to the tank through a pipe to pour over the cold water that was left there. Another pipe located at the top of your tank will carry this heated water to your bathroom system and then you start using it.

So, simple, isn’t it?

Need a geyser specialist to install your new geyser ? Discuss with us to book an appointment now.



Gas Geyser Installation Near Me

With + 7 years of experience in the gas plumbing field, we are confident to claim that we are one of the best gas geyser installation experts in the your area. 

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Gas Geyser Plumbers Near Me for a Gas Job. 

Cheap gas geyser plumbers often do a botched job, leaving you with more problems than when they came first. And botched work in your gas installation can be life threatening. 

You don’t want to expose yourself, your family, your employees and assets to unnecessary hazards right?

In regard for your own safety, look instead for a licensed gas plumber.

Classic and Electric Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you have not yet purchased your instant water heater, here is how we usually proceed to help our clients to :

  1. First we will assess your current and future hot water needs as well as the condition of the pipes and lines that will be connected to your tankless water heater
  2. This will allow us to determine your best options and give you a detailed estimate of the actual cost of fitting or replacement.
  3. Next, once the electric geyser has been purchased, we will ensure that the components of your instant water heater are as described in the product description and that all other accessories are durable and of high quality.
  4. Finally, we will install your new geyser, ensuring that all safety devices are in place and that the finished work meets approved clearance and regulatory parameters.

If you have already purchased a conventional electric geyser or tankless water heater, we will assist you from steps 3 and 4.

Kwikot Geyser Installation

We fix and fit all types of kwikot geyser hot water heaters. Which one do you have ? Our skilled team of sans 10254 certified plumbers near you is available now. 


Also called Stand-Alone and Secondary fitting, Kwikot solar geyser types can vary depending on the ways they work. 

  • Direct Kwikot solar geyser 

With the direct solar heater system, potable water is pumped from your main water system, heated directly by circulating through the solar collector panels, and then filled into the storage tank of the solar water heater, standing by for usage.

  • Indirect Kwikot solar geyser.

In an indirect system,  the potable water, unlike the direct system, does not circulate through the solar collector panels. The water is pumped and kept in the heater tank. Here, water is heated by a liquid heat exchanger(heated by the solar collector panels),  transferring hot solar energy into the water.

Call us for all your needs of indirect or direct Kwikot geyser installation. 

We are SANS 10254 compliance certified geyser installers capable of installing :

Superline 400 products : 

  • 50L
  • 100L
  • 150L
  • 200L
  • 250L.

Superline 600 Dual products

  • 150L

The 50lt, 100lt and 200lt geysers can be installed horizontally on the roof or on the ground, depending on your desire and the space available. A floor stand is required for horizontal as well as vertical installation on the ground. For the roof, the fitting must be done taking into account the weight of the full tank in order to avoid a rupture of the tiles.

Not all Kwikot water heaters can be wall-mounted, especially the Superline 400 with a capacity of 250L.

Considering the weight of the full water heater tank and for safety reasons, it is best to wall mount only 50L, 100L and 150L. At most, you can consider mounting a 200L geyser on the wall of your bathroom. But even for this, we do not encourage you to do so. You should avoid too much weight on your wall and prevent hazards related to a geyser that could fall from a fragilized wall.

Installation of the electric water heater, Kwikot Prisma must be carried out by a qualified plumber according to the manufacturer recommendations. 

The Kwikot prisma classic electric water heater solves the problem of long water heating times by providing fast, almost instantaneous hot water on demand. It is suitable for domestic kitchens, laundry rooms, and wherever a little or considerable amount of hot water may be needed without delay, such as in medical suites, clinics and office kitchenettes.

Chat with us now on facebook for more information about our Kwikot geyser installation services.

Geyser Accessories Installation

Geyser Blanket 

Accessories like the geyser blanket can be installed on all Kwikot Slimline and standard hot water heaters up to 200 liters. When installed around the geyser, the insulating cover helps to reduce heat loss, especially during the cooler months.

Geyser Timer 

A geyser timer allows you to automatically control your geyser ON/OFF switch. It gives you the freedom to decide when and for how long your geyser heats water during the day. Statistics show that geysers set on the timer to heat water :

  • 1 time per day for 2 hours reduces water heating electricity expenses by over 60%.
  • For 2 times a day for 2 hours, you save about 37%.

As you can see, a geyser timer installation can help you reduce nicely your electricity bill.



Geyser Installation Prices : How Much Does it Cost to Install ? 

The average price for geyser installation is between R2500 and R3000 (labor costs only, material costs not included).

In addition, the necessary plumbing materials cost between R2000 and R3000 (depending on your needs).

This price varies depending on several factors:

  • The type : not all geysers have the same fitting process or requirements.
  • Its size : small geysers (50L, 100L) are obviously easier to manage than large capacity water heaters (200L or 250L).
  • The place where it is to be installed : (garage/ceiling/roof): The more difficult the access to the fitting place is, the more complicated the work is.
  • The method of fitting : (Floor or Wall mounted,  Horizontal or Vertical installation…)
  • And other additional requirements…

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