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If you are in need of an experienced geyser repair contractor, call us at 086-100-5159. We have professional geyser technicians and mechanics who will handle any of your electric, gas and solar geyser problems in no time.

Can a Geyser Be Repaired? 

Yes. Geysers can sometimes be repaired depending on the type of failure and the age of your water heater. For example, if the faulty element can be replaced like a thermostat, a pressure control valve or a pipe then a repair is possible. However, not all geyser failures can be repaired. 

To be sure, call our geyser repair company to examine and diagnose your geyser and see if it still can be saved or needs a replacement.

In general, geysers have a lifespan of 10 years. When approaching 7-8 years they often start malfunctioning. If that’s your case you should start considering replacing it with a new one.

Geyser Repair Services Near Me


Geysers can experience troubles at any time, and it can quickly become a nasty business. The best way to avoid this is to do regular maintenance on your geyser from time to time. 

Unfortunately, the fact that you are here probably means that the damage is already done and you need help.

Below is the list of geyser repairing services that we offerin your city and surrounding areas.

Fault Winding : Why is My Geyser Not Working? 

Did you wake up one morning and notice that your solar or gas geyser has stopped working without knowing exactly what happened ? 

Well, electrical appliances often have this nasty habit of unexpectedly failing without warning.

Sometimes they even send us signals before collapsing but we do not always notice them or neglect them.

Need a geyser specialist to repair your solar or gas geyser ? Call 086-100-5159 for quick and clean work !

The 9 Most Common Geyser Failures

1. Burst Geyser

Burst geyser is a common term used by many people to refer to a failed geyser. In reality, a geyser is said to burst when a major leak has occurred to the water tank or one of the pipes has burst resulting in a water leak. And it is not always the case.

However, for safety reasons, if you suspect a geyser burst, follow these steps to avoid a short circuit in your electrical system and therefore prevent any risk of fire, electric shock or flood :

  1. Find your house’s Electrical Distribution Box also called DB Box and switch OFF the “Geyser” labelled switch to cut the power supply to the geyser.
  2. Stop the cold water supply to the geyser by finding and shutting off the main water supply valve of your property. This will prevent your geyser from leaking more water and eventually damaging your ceiling or causing a flood.
  3. Call our geyser fixers now at 123-456-789 to investigate the situation and solve the problem. We have skilled geyser technicians, with more than 7 years of experience standing by to give you a helping hand.

If you see wet marks under on the floor, notice or hear water dripping or leaking from your geyser or from its location on your ceiling, that probably means that your geyser has failed. The problem source may be the water pipes, the vacuum breakers, the overflow pipe, the pressure valves or the geyser which has burst. 

In this scenario, please follow the burst geyser procedure above and call our company plumbers to examine your water heater and find the source of the problem.

If your geyser stops heating water, it does not necessarily mean that it has broken down. Sometimes it is an electrical problem in the power supply or circuit. 

  1. So first, try to check your Electrical Distribution Box (DB Box) and see if the “Geyser” switch is not in the OFF position. If yes, bring the switch ON. If not, try resetting it once or twice if needed. If the switch keeps returning automatically in the OFF position then call an electrician to check the power supply for any short circuit in the system
  2. If the electrician check does not reveal any problem from the power supply line then the problem may come from the geyser thermostat. In this case you’ll need to replace it.
  3. Call us to examine the situation and provide you with a thermostat replacement service if it is the adequate solution.

A lack of hot water in your water heater may result from your geyser thermostat failure or it can also be the heat element which is malfunctioning.

One thing you can try is to reset your thermostat to 65 degrees and see if it works. If not, contact us. You may need to replace your geyser if the problem is more serious than expected.

This scenario may result from geyser thermostat failure. 

In normal circumstances, when the water contained in the water tank is hot enough (65 degrees approximately), the thermostat automatically switches OFF the system, preventing the water from heating further and then boiling.

However when the thermostat fails, there is no more safety pin preventing water from boiling. It is at this moment when you start seeing steam escaping from your geyser.

This situation is very dangerous because IT MAY LEAD YOUR GEYSER TO EXPLODE !

So when you see steam coming out from the overflow pipe, be careful. Switch off your geyser immediately and call our geyser fixers for emergency intervention.

When the minerals that separate from the heated cold water accumulate overtime in your geyser water tank, it causes your tank to overheat and start making noise. You’ll then start hearing sounds like popping, banging, clunking and similar loud noises.

At this stage it is highly probable that you may need to replace your geyser. Call us at 123-456-789 for more in depth investigation.

Rusty water is an indication of severe corrosion. In most cases the replacement is the only safe solution. Otherwise you could encounter serious health issues when continuing to use the contaminated water.

If the water is dirty but not rusty, this may be due to a build-up of dirt or scale on the heating elements or accumulation of sediment in the water outlet pipe.

Smelly water is usually due to a bacterial build-up in the tank. In this case, you should have your tank thoroughly cleaned

We can help you with all of these cases. Get in touch now.

A faulty pressure valve can cause many other geyser failures including leaking geyser and Low hot water pressure

The pressure valve also intervenes in preventing geyser explosion due to excessive heating. It is an important geyser element that you should care about and service regularly if you want your geyser to last long.

If you need a geyser pressure valve replacement, call Meliodas plumbers to schedule an appointment today.

9. Low/Poor Hot Water Pressure

The most common reason for low hot water pressure in a geyser is age.

 The old geysers often found in old houses are low pressure geysers, i.e. 100 kpa with 1/2 inch galvanized pipes, while modern geysers can reach 600 kpa with their 3/4 inch pipes. 

Thus, one of the most obvious solutions to poor water pressure is to replace your geyser with a modern type one.

However, this problem can sometimes be caused in modern geysers by debris, dirt and sediment that settles in your pipes and prevents them from supplying sufficient hot water pressure in your bathtub, shower or other area of your home.

Geyser Replacement 

Is your old geyser not reliable anymore due to multiple failures ? We can help you to install a new one. We are experts in geyser replacement and also accessories or elements replacement. 

If you need a geyser replacement specialist in the your area, contact us for a quick and professional service with no mess left behind.

Solar Geyser and Electric Water Heater Repair 

Most of the problems described above are related to both solar geysers and electric water heaters. For both of them we offer these services and additional one for special cases : 

  • Solar hot water heater repair and maintenance
  • Kwikot geyser repair
  • Electric geyser repair and maintenance

Meliodas plumbers are SANS 10254 certified geyser plumbers. With more than 7 years of experience with gas, electric and solar geysers, we are proud to provide you with one of the best geyser repair services. Call us today for a free estimate.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Geyser? 

The price of a geyser repair depends on the defective component. The cost of replacing a thermostat differs from that of replacing a pressure valve or a burst pipe. So for a precise and detailed estimate, call us or reach out online by filling this 2 minutes form.

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