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Our best plumbers offer fast, non-destructive leak detection of sneaky leaks located in your home and commercial property. Let’s prevent waste and water damage in your property together. Call us today.

Our homes depend on water, as long as it’s safely contained in a pipe, tank, geyser, dishwasher or any appropriate fixture. However, water can quickly become the enemy if it goes where it shouldn’t, and can damage the wall structure, the roof or appliances in your house or business. 

Unfortunately, water leaks are quite common, even in newer houses. What’s worse is that not all leaks are obvious or visible. In fact, some leaks can be terribly insidious, which makes it crucial to find and fix them the soonest. 

Leak Detection Services Near Me



Water Leak Finding 

Monthly water bills are quite predictable. 

If you receive an unusually high water bill but you haven’t been using any excess water lately, you may have a leak… or leaks.  

While other plumbing companies still drill holes in the walls or tear up the floor to detect leaks , we locate every conceivable failure without ever drilling or cutting a hole.

Our leak finding services include :

  • Water coming up behind or through wall 
  • Slab leak detection
  • Water coming from roof or ceiling 
  • Basement or underground leak finding
  • Water leaking under house and concrete floor 
  • Water Meter Leaking
  • And more…

We can detect and diagnose these leaks using a variety of advanced techniques, tools and equipment including odor sniffing tools, infrared thermal camera, radio frequency detection and electronic surveying – to name a few.

Need a water leak detector in your area ? Call 086-100-5159 for fast and high quality work !

Leaky and Burst Water Pipes

If a supply pipe connection under your sink breaks and a stream of water gushes out, you know immediately where the problem lies. Unfortunately, all leaks are not this simple to locate.

Invisible leaks can be more insidious! In worst cases, water can flow slowly from pipe fittings into a wall and go unnoticed until it causes major damage.

Our skilled and well trained specialists are used with both type of leaks and are capable to help you with :

  • Burst Water pipe under house
  • Leaking drain pipe under kitchen sink
  • Leak in copper pipe
  • Waste pipe leaking
  • Leaks tube
  • Drain pipe leaking
  • Overflow pipe leaking
  • Leaking toilet pipe

Prevent these water leakage issues by calling our leak detection company near you.

Leak Repair

We specialize in residential and commercial leak repair services with a wide range of solutions for a variety of plumbing problems. 

Here are some of the leak repair services our leak fix team provides :

Hot water heater leaking | Leaking toilet fix | Leaky bathroom sink | Tub leak | Kitchen sink leak repair | Water leak under bathtub | Faucet leaking at base | Water tank leaking | P trap leaking

7 Easy Techniques You Can Use to Detect Water Leaks in Your Property 



1. Monitor the Water Bill

If you suspect a leak in your property, checking your water bill can give you a reliable answer. An unexplained increase in your bill without any excessive water use should give you a clue.

The water meter is often located under a manhole cover near the street or on the side or back of your house, near where the water supply line enters the house. 

  • Turn off all water faucets in your home and make sure the washing machine, water heater and dishwasher are not running.
  • Check the water meter and note the numbers you see. Come back in an hour and check again. If the numbers have increased, there is a leak somewhere.

Inspect your toilet’s floor first. Is the floor often wet for no reason? Check the toilet bowl base, its surrounding and the lower level of the toilet tank. Is water dripping or slowly draining from one of these areas ?

Next, carefully remove the tank lid and listen very carefully. If you hear a hissing sound, it can be a sign that the toilet is leaking. 

Sometimes these valves are connected directly to a drain and may be leaking without your knowledge. Look at the inlet and outlet pipes for leaks or, if not, try to detect a hissing sound.

Check for leaking or dripping taps in your house. If you have a garden, verify your irrigation system to see if there is any irregularity.

Over time, a persistent leak creates a damp environment ideal for mold growth. In some cases, you may notice black spots on the outside of the wall, but often the mold is growing inside the wall where you can’t see it, so a musty odor is a red flag.

7. Wet Spots on the Floor, Bubbling Paint, Bulging Wallpaper and Wall Discoloration.

These are obvious signs of leak in your wall, your underground or your slab. Please call a certified leak detection plumber immediately to evaluate the extent of the damages and quickly fix the problem.

Choose a Licensed and Registered Leak Detection Company 

How Much Does Water Leak Repair Cost in my Area 

The cost of leak repair varies greatly depending on the type of leak, the detection system required, the type of solution best suited, pipe replacement cost etc. For a more detailed quote, please call us.

Residential and Commercial

For all your residential and commercial plumber needs for leak detection and repair near me in the your area, call our leak detectors. We will arrive within the hour to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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