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Meliodas plumbers is a plumbing company with over 7 years of experience in new construction plumbing installation.

Rather than asking you to take our word for it when we are claiming to be excellent plumbers, dedicated to providing you with a fast, efficient and high quality service, take a look at what our customers say about us to make your own opinion.

New House Plumbing Services


Mr Jella is excited. He has finally managed to raise the money he needs for his new home and plans to start work on his dream house in a month. 

The plan, the sand, gravel, cement suppliers and masons are all ready. Except for one thing, he lacks plumbers to take care of the plumbing in his new property.

He wants a functional and efficient installation made with quality materials and which last long in time. On top of that, he also wants a well planned installation that anticipates and satisfies the needs of his family and visitors. 

For this, he knows that he will need reliable construction plumbers near him with many years of experience in the field. He wants a company with honest and conscientious plumbers with no criminal record who will not steal his equipment or overcharge him.  

He starts asking his friends and searching the internet for the right new residential plumbing company. A company that works quickly, professionally and at a fair price, to whom he can entrust his work. 

But the process is long and it starts to be difficult for him to find out which plumbers are really who they say they are from all those plumbing contractors who claim to be the best.

Are you currently in the same situation as Mr Jella? If so, you may have found the right plumber for you today.

We’ve helped countless new residence projects have a strong, functional plumbing system while protecting the raw materials that make up the home. This means we understand the unique challenges that new homeowners face, and we’re happy to guide you through our plumbing process from start to finish, so you feel confident throughout.

As a local plumber team, we are proud to serve the Fourways community and will go above and beyond to deliver excellent service with integrity, and transparency at the forefront of everything we do.

Call Meliodas plumbers at 086-100-5159 when you are ready to request your new construction plumbing service.

Commercial New Build Plumber in Fourways

With more than 7 years of experience in commercial plumbing, we take pride in our work and treat your project with professionalism. 


We have developed proven processes and methods designed to maximize results. Our highly trained team works to efficiently minimize downtime while carefully analyzing every detail of your project to ensure a flawless job, every time. We are prepared to listen to your specific requirements and create a project-specific agreement that fully outlines the service, schedule and cost.

Our commercial construction plumbing services include :

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres and commercial properties
  • Hospitals and Medical facilities
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Nightclubs and Pubs
  • Industrial properties
  • Multi-family properties
  • and other business constructions

Please call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your project. You can also book an appointment online by filling in this 2-minute form.

How Much Does a New Construction Plumbing Cost ?

It it almost impossible to set a fixed price for plumbing new constructions. There are too many variables to be taken into account when estimating the price, including the size of the building, the type and quality of materials used, the number of plumbing fixtures, the number of drainage system excavations, etc., making it impossible to estimate without any precise data.

If you are planning to build a new property in or around the Fourways area, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your project and give you a free quote. 

If you are ready to learn how we can help with your new construction project, Chat with us on Facebook or Book online.

Plumbing Details to Consider When Building a New Home 

When planning the construction of your new home, it is a good idea to have some basic knowledge of new construction plumbing:

  1. The further the water connections are from the main supply line, the lower the pressure will be. For a large house, you may need to consider installing a water pressure regulator.
  2.  The more shut-off valves the better. In the event of a kitchen sink failure, for example, shut-off valves allow you to turn off the water line to the kitchen part of the system only without having to turn off the main water line.
  3. Plan and anticipate your future needs. Think about the kitchen appliances you might want to install in the next few years, the pool , the laundry room, and perhaps a garden irrigation . Talk to your plumber about your plans so he knows how to incorporate them into your system design.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Comes First Plumbing or Framing?

Framing comes first and then plumbing follows. Once the framing or whole foundation is completed, plumbing contractors can begin running pipes through the interior floors, walls and ceilings.  

When plumbing a new house, plumbers :

  • Install your water pipes and connections with municipal water line
  • Fit your plumbing fixtures 
  • Set up your Sewer Lines and Septic Tanks 
  • Install Your Drains and Vents. …
  • Get Your Permits and draw your system diagram 
  • Install bathtub, showers, toilet, wash basin …
  • Ensure your complete kitchen plumbing installation
  • Build storm water drain system
  • etc…

Between 3-5 days depending on the size of the construction. However, as well as some new construction plumbing installations can be quickly completed in 3 days, some big building projects can take more than 5 days to be completed in a safe way.

What Comes After Rough-in Plumbing? 

After the rough-in plumbing is complete, the plumbing contractor performs a spot check to verify the integrity and examine the placement of the water pipes, sewer lines, shut off valves, drains pipes and toilet flanges. Once this process is complete, it is followed by the finish plumbing, which is the installation of fixtures such as sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets etc.

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