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Geyser Repair and Installation

Do you need a geyser installation or repair in your home ? Is your geyser leaky? Are you not having hot water? You can reach out to us to learn the problem. Ask for an experienced plumbing contractor to mount your brand-new geyser or to service and fix your existing hot water heater. Contact Meliodas Plumbers today. Even more information on our geyser install and geyser repair work  page.

Toilet and Bathroom Plumbing

Toilets and bathrooms are a couple of the most personal areas of a house. Lots of people think that the peace, quiet and privacy they provide allows them to better brainstorm and take a moment for themselves. To aid preserve the stability of these shelters, we supply you with services for sinks, showers, laundry, latrines and tub. Even more information on our  Toilet plumbing and bath room plumbing pages.


Blocked Drain Cleaning

One of the most obvious signs of a blocked drain is the slow draining of your throne, shower, bathtub or sinks. If the clog is particularly serious, the water might not stream in any way. In the event that you are dealing with one of these scenarios or a similar one, call us instantly to fix the problem. More information on our Clogged drain cleaning page


Water Leak Detection

Are you presently experiencing a noticeable water leakage? Like a water system line leakage, a ruptured pipe, a tap, shower, tub or a w.c. leak ? Possibly for some unknown cause you are observing that your water costs are increasing ? You might have a concealed leak in your house. And we can assist you with that. Even more info on our  Leak detection and repair page.


Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is one of the rooms you probably use the most in your entire home. That’s why kitchen plumbing problems are the ones we deal with most often. If you are currently facing a leaky faucet, clogged or leaking kitchen sink, garbage disposal issue, dishwasher leaks, or hot water problem, keep calm and call our Joburg plumbing company. 


Commercial Plumbing

We offer commercial plumbing services for businesses including offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, medical facilities etc…Apart from the first listed services, we can also help you with 3 compartment under sink repair, heat pump installation, Pipeline issues, gas line plumbing, industrial plumbing, roof and basement plumbing, septic tank installation and pumping

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Recent Reviews

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Mr Zireva, New house plumbing


I use Meliodas plumbers services for my clients new construction projects. They install toilet seats, bathtubs, showers and basins. They are timeous, thorough, and deliver high quality service. I never had any problems with them since I started working with them 2 years ago. I totally recommend!

Mr Sibusiso, Bathroom and Geyser Installation


They did a bathroom renovation and 200lt solar geyser installation. They were very friendly and professional. I had a great experience with them and got even more than what I wanted. They really go the extra mile. I’ll definitely use Meliodas Plumbers again.

Mme Gift, Pipe leaking under kitchen sink


I called Meliodas plumbers to fix a leaking pipe in my kitchen. They are truly amazing and bloody fast! They know their job, do not need to be managed, and they clean up after themselves,. I am very happy with the service and the communication. They are definitely going to be my go-to guys for all future work!

Other Plumbing Solutions We Provide

A non exhaustive list of our installation, repair and maintenance services

Plumbing Projects


Bathroom Renovation


Kitchen Remodeling


Hydrojet Drain Cleaning


Pool Leak Detection


French Drain Installation


Septic Tank Installation & Pumping

Installation & repair


Laundry & Washing Machine


Boiler, Dishwasher & Sink


Garbage Disposal Service


Pressure Control Valve Repair


Water Heaters & Heat Pump


Storm Drain Installation

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You can call Meliodas Plumbers Johannesburg as soon as there is a leak, broken handle assembly, blocked drain or broken pipe in your home, you have come to the right place. We do the job right and at reasonable prices. When looking for an emergency plumber near me, call us as your local plumbers in JHB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service rates for normal operating hours-Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm is :

  • R600 per hour for Residential service
  • R750 per hour for Commercial plumbing
  • R900-R1000 per hour for Emergencies (5pm-8am and Weekends).

This includes :

  • Call out fee
  • One hour of service and 
  • Minor repairs or replacements
  • Always look for a licensed plumbing contractor
  • Check social media accounts and website design to see if they look professional
  • Look at their latest reviews and customers testimonials
  • Ask them questions about the work to see if they really know their field well

We do not claim to be the cheapest plumber near me in your area. On the contrary, we claim that the services we provide are worth the price you will pay and even exceed your expectations.

Cheap steamfitters and plumbing contractors often do a sloppy job and leave you with even more problems than before they came.

We don’t do that. We never do.

If you can’t wait until regular business hours to fix your problem, search for an emergency plumber Johannesburg and look for 24h emergency providers like us online. We will be more than pleased to help with your urgency.

Yes, we do. For some issues, we can give you a free quote by phone call or Whatsapp messaging but not all issues can be estimated at distance. Call our Johannesburg plumber now for a free quote.

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All our plumbers near me are well trained, licensed and registered plumbers, with no criminal record. They are friendly and give detailed and transparent pricing, and have a minimum of 5 years experience in the plumbing field.

This is why we can guarantee to provide you with quality service and ensure safety standards. We are available at any time and will be at your place within the hour, because we know you have a problem NOW.


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