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Are you having toilet plumbing problems in your home or business in the Fourways area ? Contact Meliodas Plumbers at 086-100-5159 , and we’ll send an emergency plumber to help you out within the hour.

With proper installation and good maintenance, your toilet can last you a very long time. We know people who have toilets from the 1960s that still work ! 

It can be the same for yours.

In addition to our toilet fitting services, our toilet plumber near you can help you with the following problems: clogged toilets, low water pressure, running toilets, broken flush valves, drain pipe problems, etc. Each of these problems requires a different solution, which we will discuss below.

Repair, Servicing, Installation and Replacement


We specialize in toilet installation and replacement

If you need a new toilet, we can help you find the perfect match for your existing installation. Would you rather buy your toilet yourself and have us install it for you? No problem, just call us to schedule a convenient date and time. 

Toilets are porcelain and while it is easy enough to repair the internal components, any damage to the bowl or the tank itself means it’s time to get a new one. If your toilet is out of date and you want to upgrade to a newer model, give us a call and we will help you choose and fit the right product for your home or business.

We also work on new construction toilet plumbing systems and bathroom remodeling.

Call 086-100-5159 today to schedule an appointment for toilet plumbing services in Fourways !

Toilet Repair Services

Our qualified toilet plumber can fix your clogged or leaking toilets, repair your broken flushes, replace your traps, cisterns and everything in between.

We carry a wide selection of toilet parts, so we can usually solve your problems in one visit. When we don’t have the required part in stock, we use our network of local suppliers for immediate collection.

Do I really need a plumber for a clogged toilet ? 

In fact, not every clogged toilet needs a plumber.

You can easily overcome some toilet blockages with a plunger. If the object causing the clog is lodged in the trap, you can use a flange plunger to remove it. 

However, if you still can’t unclog your toilet despite your best efforts, call us and we will come to your aid as quickly as possible.

We can also help you with toilet overflowing problems

While common toilet leaks are usually “silent” and slow, this is not the case with toilet tank leaks. If you find a puddle of water on the floor dripping from your toilet tank, you should call a qualified toilet fitter to fix it quickly before it gets any worse.

Our experienced Meliodas plumbers will fix your toilet within the hour and get it back in working order for your peace of mind. 

Your toilet is not filling? We can help. Call us now to have it checked and repaired quickly so you don’t have any more trouble flushing your poop.

NEVER use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet !

While some plumbers say “Yeah” and others “Na” to the use of drain cleaner, we believe that the risk is not worth it. 

Not only are these products harmful to your health if accidentally splashed on your skin or even inhaled in excessive amounts, but they also can damage your fixtures and toilet drain pipes.

That’s definitely not something you want in your water systems. 

If you feel that your toilet drain is clogged and needs to be cleaned, please call our professional plumbing company in Fourways

Our Meliodas plumbers use harmless drain cleaning techniques including video camera pipe inspection, motorized drain snakes and hydro jetting to clean your drain so you don’t have expensive waste pipe problems in the future linked to poor toilet drain cleaning habits.

For a toilet flush valve replacement service, contact us to schedule an appointment.

The most obvious sign that a flush valve needs to be replaced is when the water continues to flow.

The reason the toilet keeps running can possibly be that the valve seat may be worn or cracked, preventing the valve from making a tight seal.

If you are faced with such a situation, call us for a prompt response .

Toilet Bowl Installation and Replacement

Want to install or replace your broken toilet bowl ? Let us help you find and install what’s best for you.

  • Extended bowls offer a deep seat and are suitable for most residential bathrooms. 
  • Compact extended bowl toilets have a slightly shorter seat and take up less space. This can be perfect if your bathroom is small. But they are still very comfortable.
  • Round-pan toilets take up the least space and are the best choice when space is at a premium.


Our toilet contractors are available at any time to take care of the installation of your new toilet bowl.

Chat with us on Facebook or Fill this 2-min form to get your toilet repaired, serviced or installed in Fourways !